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Taking the "Higher" Road

Updated: Feb 20

Let's just say that I feel my newest release titled "Higher" feels so appropriate for this time in my career. As with any journey toward a goal there are many ups and downs. There are times when the idea of getting back up again seems like an undoable task, but for me the moment always arrives when I find that tenacious force to push me to my feet again. That brings me to my ironically thematic song, (that literally wrote itself in a matter of minutes) "Higher". This song can be received a few ways. One undeniable perspective has its sensual and lustful cues, but its esoteric undertone of rising up, ascending, evolving and finding forward motion is hard to miss.

My team and I are getting ready for "Higher's" music video debut along with it being available for download in the coming weeks! Click the link below for a sneak peak and stay tuned as we chart the journey of this song coming to life and I so look forward to hearing your victorious stories of moving up and rising "Higher". Feel free to share them and say hello in the comments below.

Here's a link to a little sneak peak

Much Love 💕


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